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7" Foam pad by Meguiars, Cutting Pad with a Velcro Panel for Rotary Buffer/Polishers

7" cutting foam pad with velcro panel for Rotary Buffer/Polishers like those made by DeWalt & Makita.  

CAUTION: Requires a 6" velcro backing pad.  

New for 2015, these pads are smaller than the 8" pads Meguiars used to offer for these machines.  They are also thinner to help transmit more of the machine's energy to the surface.  After all, when was the last time that you wore down the surface of a foam pad so that thickness was any benefit?

Also available in Polish or Finish

 What Meguiars says ...

Meguiar's improved foam technology cuts through moderate surface defects with fewer swirls. The reduction in operating temperatures and recessed backing for quick and easy centering allows these 7" foam pads to reduce chatter, resulting in smooth, easy buffing.



  • Improved foam technology cuts through moderate surface defects with fewer swirls
  • Recessed backing for easy centering
  • For use with rotary polisher
  • More cut than W7207, W7000, W7006
  • Lower operating temp.
  • Smoother feel
  • Adjusted "loop" material for tall hook rotary backing plate
  • Single laminate using all new bonding system
  • Improved recessed sidewall reinforcement
  • Available in 5", 6" & 7"






Item #453

OEM: Meguiars

$14.95 USD