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Acid Wheel Cleaner, 105, 1 gallon

Acid Wheel Cleaner is the most effective, most aggrssive, wheel cleaner I've seen.  Baked on, crusty brake dust dissolves away.  Can be used on most any wheel except bare Aluminum.

To determine the composition of your wheels conduct a little test.  Take a little metal polish, any brand, on a white or light-colored cloth, and polish a small, inconspicuous spot of the wheel.  Now look at the cloth.  If it's just dirty you wheel is either NOT bare Aluminum or is Aluminum coated or painted with a protective layer.  If the cloth is jet black, that's Aluminum Oxide and you have bare Aluminum.  Anodized wheels (usually with black or gold transparent color) will not be safe with an acid cleaner.  

Chrome, coated or painted wheels should be OK.  Follow instructions carefully.  Overexposure may damage any wheel.  Some powder coats or paints may haze or streak.  Test carefully first.

If your coated wheels have scratches or chips in the coating, THAT spot may etch with acid.

Use all precautions to protect your skin.  If any exposure occurs you will gradually feel and burning.  Pleanty of time to wash.

Alternatives to protect sensitive wheels include NON-Acid formulae (See Meguiars Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner) or newer formulations using safe chemistry (usually stinks to high heaven but very effective).  See Sonax Full Effect or 3D BDX.

What 3D says:

Acid Mag. and Wire Wheel Cleaner is specifically designed to remove rust, oxidation, brake dust, road tar, road film and stubborn grime.  It is purfect to remove corrosion on Aluminum.  cleans and brightens chrom spokes of wire wheels.

May not be compatable with some surfaces.  TEST BEFORE USING.  Contains: NO HYDROFLUORIC ACID.


DILUTE BEFORE USE: (Manufacturers know best on this point.  They formulate for effectiveness and then produce the product for affordability by removing some water from the forumla - PUT IT BACK BEFORE USE).

Spray on "rims" and allow to react for UP TO 30 SECONDS (that's a limit.  If it starts foaming, it's attacking your Aluminum - RINSE IT OFF).  Rinse thoroughly. (You can even spray with All Purpose Cleaner to neutralize the acid pH to neutral).  

Heavy Duty use: Dilute 1:1 (That's 1 part water and 1 part acid concentrate).  1 gallon makes 2 gallons

Medium Duty use: Dilute 1:4 (That's 4 parts water to 1 part acid concentrate).  1 gallon makes 5 gallons

Light Duty use: Dilute 1:10 (That's 10 parts water to 1 part acid concentrate).  1 gallon makes 11 gallons

THis product may not be compatable with some surfaces (read above again).  Avoid breathing vapors.  Use gloves and protective eye gear.  TEST BEFORE USE.

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