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Cleaner Glaze, Perfect-It 3000 Swirl Mark Remover by 3M, 6064, 32oz

Glaze with a Mild Rouge cutter. Step No. 2 in the Finesse-It 3000 process as indicated on the label (the process includes Step #1, 3M's 06085, Compound for most paints; step #2, 06064, Swirl Mark Remover; & 06068, Ultrafina SE [Swirl Eliminator] for dark colors or difficult swirl marks).  Designed to quickly remove swirl marks from all types of paint.  Use with a medium grade foam pad.  Follow with a Protectant when paint is well cured


Available in gallons as 06065

What 3M says about 06064 ...



An upgrade from and replaces 3M Perfect-It III Machine Glaze, 05937 (quart) and 05938 (gallon) as of April 1, 2005

Designed to quickly and effectively remove compound swirl marks from all types of automotive paints, and produce an outstanding high gloss finish. 

  • Quickly and effectively removes compounding swirl marks
  • Poduces a outstanding finish with high gloss and swirl free
  • Excellent for dark colored cars, especially black!
  • Good handling
  • Easy cleanup
  • VOC content less than 17%


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