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Cleaner, Level 8, Heavy-Cut by Meguiars, M0416, 16oz

Very aggressive cleaner rating an 8 on Meguiars scale of 0-10.  A paint cleaner sufficient to remove deep swirls, scratches, severe oxidation, alkaline and acid rain etching. If you have water spots from a session with someone's lawn sprinklers then this cleaner will Probably take them out.  If not then try again with a true compound like Meguirs M84, Compound Power Cleaner or M85, Diamond Cut using a wool pad

This Cleaner may be used with a foam or wool cutting pad.  Meguiars makes their abrasive materials with "deminishing" abrasives, meaning that they breakdown during use to leave very minimal marks if any.  Work in a slightly smaller area than usual ... say 2' x 2' ... and work it until the liquid is dry and not staying behind on the paint.  This will break the abrasives down as far as possible.  The best finish will be achieved by following with M09, Swirl Mark Remover, a Cleaner/Glaze.

The Doctor recommends using this product when there is some gloss left to your finish but yet heavy oxidaton as well.

Available only in a pint size

What Meguiars says:

Heavy-Cut Cleaner removes deep swirls, scratches, severe oxidation, alkaline and acid rain etching.  Diminishing Abrasives™ cut quickly, then reduce to a polishing rouge, while Buffered Abrasive™ action lubricates the finish to prevent scratching.

Item #185

OEM: Meguiars

$11.95 USD