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Cleaner/Wax by Meguiars, M0664, 64oz

A combination of fine cleaner and wax.  This product is perfect for the volume detailer when a very mild cleaning is required and quick turnover is desired.  Meguiars calls this product an "non-abrasive" cleaner/wax.  The point made is that it will leave no marks behind.  This product can be thought of as a blend of M02, Fine Cut Cleaner, and M26, Yellow Wax, although they have not told the Doctor how they do it.

Available also in pints as M0616

What Meguiars says:

Cleaner/Wax's one-step application cleans, polishes and protects.  Apply by hand or machine to remove light oxidation and create a long lasting, high gloss finish.

Item #416

OEM: Meguiars

$35.95 USD