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Cleaner/Wax, Quick Detailer by Meguiars, M66, Gallon

Quick Detailer is a one-step cleaner & wax.  It quickly and safely removes oxidation and restores gloss and protection.  Meguiars markets this as a "non-abrasvie" cleaner and wax.  I give this to family members who don't take the same care of thier finish that I do.  It gets the job done quickly, safely, with no fuss and leaves a hard wax finish that's just beautiful.  Please, DO NOT confuse this with the "Quick Detailer" in the Meguiars Consumer line of products.  That product is a mist-and-wipe much like M34, Final Inspection, whereas this M66 product is a Cleaner & Wax.

What Meguiars says:

Quick Detailer® is a one-step cleaner/wax specially formulated for high-production reconditioning.  Quickly and safely removes oxidation and blemishes.  Restores deep gloss and provides a durable wax finish.

Item #230

OEM: Meguiars

$30.95 USD