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Clear Plastic Polish, M10, 8oz

Pure polish for plastics.  M10 safely restores optical clarity and adds static-free protection to clear plastics, including acrylates and polycarbonates, that are already in good condition. 

  • Car headlights, Interior Gauges,  Tail Lights and Side Markers, etc.
  • Boat Windshields and Ports (Windows), Skylights, Clear Plastic Hatches, etc. 
  • RV , headlights, Interior Gauges,  Tail Lights and Side Markers, etc.
  • Motorcycle Fairings, Helmet Wind Screens, Tail Llights, Directional Lights, etc.

For light scratch and marr removal select M17, Clear Plastic Cleaner or G123, PlastX.  

Personaly, the Doctor once owned a Datsun 2000 Roadster whose convertible top's clear plastic window had dried out, yellowed and gone virutally opaque.  It was just this side of cracking.  Over a period of several weeks, the surface was cleaned with this M17, Clear Plastic Cleaner then treated with M10.  Relatively heavy applications of M10 were worked into the plastic and allowed to soak. To remove the dried material a fresh application was made to soften it before it would wipe off relatively easily.  After this treatment, the window became crystal clear and supple.  A little yellowing, caused by degraded plastic, remained but the window was completely serviceable and rather attractive again.  The M10 had penetrated into the plastic to restore a path for light to follow.  These two are legendary!

What Meguiars has to say ...

Clear Plastic Polish safely restores optic clarity to all clear plastics. Provides a static-free coating that repels dust. Safe and effective on both acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces. Ideal for boats, RV's, cars, motorcycles and aircraft.

Item #121

OEM: Meguiars

$8.95 USD