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Compound, Level 9, Perfect-It 3000 Extra Cut by 3M, 6061, Gallon

Less aggressive compound.  Step No. 1 in the Finesse-It 3000 process as indicated on the label (the process includes Step #1, 3M's 06085, Compound for most paints or 06060, Extra Cut for hard paints; step #2, 06064, Swirl Mark Remover; & 06068, Ultrafina SE [Swirl Eliminator] for dark colors or difficult swirl marks). 

Designed to remove 1200 grit sanding marks on hard and well cured paints.  Use with a wool pad to leave only a fine swirl-marked finish.  Follow with Perfect-It 3000 Swirl Mark Remover 06064 on a foam pad.

The Doctor recommends using this product when there is very little gloss left to your finish.

Available in quarts as 06060

What 3M says:

An upgrade from and replaces 3M Perfect-It III Extra Cut Rubbing Compound, 05936 (quart) and 05940 (gallon) as of April 1, 2005

3M Perfect-It 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound is designed to remove P1200 and finer sand scratches with a wool pad, or P1500 and finer sand scratches with a foam pad.  Works on fresh or cured automotive paint surfaces leaving a fine swirl mark finish.

  • Recommended for hard paints
  • Excellent cutting compound combined with a fine polish
  • Removes grade P1200 and finer sand scratches without filling
  • To reduce compounding time, use P3000 3M Trizact abrasive discs
  • Non-Gritty formula produces a fine compound swirl mark
  • Easy to detail from door jambs, cracks and moldings.
  • Excelent hamdling characteristics
  • VOC content less than 17%


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