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Gloves, Latex, BLACK

Black Dragon gloves are Powder-free & Nitrile-free but easy to slip on.  The fully textured surface gives a better and more secure grip on tools and equipment.  The black color provides better framing effect, color definition & helps eliminate distractions from stains on the glove, which provides better eye focus.

Let's face it - Black gloves are just COOL!

Black Dragon gloves are manufactured under an ISO 13485 quality system and are lab and field tested to meet or exceed stringent ASTM criterion to withstand pinhole defects for unsurpassed protection and peace of mind. 

- Non-sterile
- Ambidextrous
- Powder-free
- Fully textured for a more secure grip

- Cuff Thickness: 3.9 Mils.
- Palm Thickness: 4.7 Mils.
- Finger Thickness: 5.1 Mils.
- 100 Gloves Per Box

Item #575

OEM: Black Dragon

$14.95 USD