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Gloves, Nitrile, BLACK

Raven gloves are Powder-free but easy to slip on.  Their Nitrile composition makes them chemical resistant with the exception of Acetone.  For Acetone stick with latex.  The fully textured surface gives a better and more secure grip on tools and equipment.  The black color provides better framing effect, color definition & helps eliminate distractions from stains on the glove, which provides better eye focus.

Let's face it - Black gloves are just COOL!

Raven gloves FDA compliant & 6 mil thick with great flexibility and tactile sensitivity

Please specify size - Small,  Medium,  Large OR  Extra Large

- Ambidextrous

- Powder-free

- 6 mil thick

- 100 Gloves Per Box


Item #575

OEM: Raven

$14.95 USD