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Hard Glaze, Imperial Hand Glaze by 3M, 6000, Gallon

A great hand glaze.  This is the most popular hand glaze of any we carry.  Spread it in thin layers.  Lasts about 3 washes (3 weeks), like any glaze.  Remember glazes  are paint conditioners and work best before a wax but look best on top.  So, you can always condition, wax and then reglaze on top to get be best of all worlds ... a conditoned, revitalized paint AND the highest gloss possible.  Reglaze any time you want to show off.  Follow with a Protectant when paint is well cured, usually 45 to 60 days but check with your paint supplier for the best waiting period.  Wipe excess off with a clean microfiber cloth

Also available in quarts as 05990

What 3M says about 05990

  • Non-Silicone, Non-Wax hand glaze
  • Excellent depth of shine
  • Outstanding luster
  • Use by hand to refine and fill swirls after machine glazing refinish or factory applies paints.
  • Specially formulated to work on all colors and can be painted over
  • VOC content less than 15%

Recommended for use by hand to increase surface gloss and to clean up spatter or residue after machine glazing all types of refinish or factory applied automotive paints. To minimize the possibility of staining, do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface.

Item #216


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