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Hose, 1.5" Hose, by the foot - Order number of feet required

This is a great quality hose with a nearly smooth inside diameter and a "ringed" exterior surface for flexibility and scuff protection.  Unlike cheaper hoses, the "rings" are solid and therefore resist scuff and are nearly crush proof.  The attractive Orange color is a plus when trying to locate it at night and is just plain fun.  I use a 25' length for water delivery at my store.  This kit comes with 2 hose ends, a Clay and a Crevice tool.  Nice outfit.


You can also order pre-cut 15' lengths, with or without ends or the 12' Kit, Pre-Cut hose with ends and two tools (the Claw and Crevice tools).

You may also select the 2" hose in 15' lengths or by the foot.

What the manufacturer says ...

  • This "crush-proof" polyethylene hose combines superior toughness and long life with unmatched handling ease.  All hoses have a smooth interior for

    better flow.  Hoses can be simply cut with a razor blade to achieve your desired length. Made in USA 

    Water based dressing


Item #640

OEM: Made in the USA

$1.95 USD