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Plastic, Trim, Vinyl, Gray, Solution Finish 12oz

Trim color restorer.  If it was black once you won't believe it wasn't replaced wth a new part.  Solution Finish is a well kept secret of the Pros for restoring originally black surfaces of plastics and vinyl.

Solution Finish is a wipe on/wipe dry product that restores color.  Because it is tinted black itself, it will work best on black surfaces but if you prefer that your gray trim surfaces take on a dark hue then this is for you too.

The solvent-based solution just wipes on with a microfiber applicator (provided), spreading it into the pattern of the part until completely coated.  The excess is then wiped dry with a microfiber cloth (also provided) to smooth out the application and you're done.  A folded paper towel can be used for a final light buff.

The result is brilliant color like the original that will outlast most anything you've tried.  Use it on ...

  • Bumper covers (not the painted ones)
  • Mirrors housings (not the painted ones)
  • Mud flaps
  • Window rubber trim & seals
  • Running boards
  • Truck bed covers
  • Door handles (not the painted ones)
  • Wiper blade housings
  • Etc.

Solution Finish will dissolve any oxidation on the surface so no prep is necessary.  Just wash clean and, if desired, wipe down with Rubbing Alcohol.  Solution Finish will then coat the surface and protect it, slowing down any protential to reoxidize.

You should take a little precaution by wearing gloves to protect your skin, keep it off your clothing to prevent staining (it's black afterall) and wipe it from any painted surfaces.  It couldn't hurt to do a little protective taping just as a matter of good sense.

What the manufacturer has to say:

Solution Finish is an incredible new product that restores originally black surfaces to a deep, rich black with-out the"wet look" shine that dries quickly with no greasy residue.
Our unique formula combines ancient ingredients with advanced polymer technology to provide a spectacular long-lasting, glossy black protective finish. Formulated for professional use, it is a silicone-free solution that uses all natural oils and is VOC compliant.
If it's made of black plastic or vinyl, 
Solution Finish will make it look better than new!
There are many products that claim to do what Solution Finish actually does. After countless comparison tests, we are convinced Solution Finish is the very best product of its kind on the market. We guarantee you’ll be amazed at the difference and appreciate the benefits of Solution Finish!

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OEM: Solution Finish

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