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Sword, Mack Series 10 #3

Mack Series 10 brushes: 

#3 - Head width 1/2"

History of Mack brushes - Developed in the 1890s, Mack Pinstriping Brushes have long been the favorite among pinstripers and painters. Just like in the beginning, Mack Brushes are still handcrafted in the USA using only the highest-quality materials. All Mack Brushes feature bristles that are wound with thread, glued, and treated so they won't pull out (the Ferrule). Brushes are designed for user comfort -- they feel great in your hand whether running long stripes or tight curves. You will love your Mack Brush!

 Mack Series 10 Sword Striping Brush - The original "Mack" Sword Striping Brush is designed just for pinstriping. Many stripers like this brush because it is constructed with a great deal of quality control, so that every brush is perfect and consistent. Handcrafted using 100% unmixed blue squirrel hair. Brush is approximately 4-1/4" long with 2" length of hair. Made in USA.


100% Unmixed Blue Squirrel Hair

  • Hand Crafted And Shaped As It Was Many Years Ago
  • Extra Attention Given To Quality Control With Respect To Shape And Cleaning
  • The Very Finest Grade Of Blue Squirrel
  • Our New Blue Thread Ferrule


Sizes 000 00 0 1 2 3 4
Head Width In Inches 3/16" 7/32" 1/4" 5/16"


1/2" 9/16"
Head Width In mm 4.95mm 5.55mm 6.35mm 7.93mm 10.31mm 12.70mm 14.28mm
Regular Length Of Hair: 2 inches or 5.08cm

Item #292

OEM: Mack

$14.95 USD