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Tape, 1/4", 3M 233 Series

A crepe paper-backed tape for forming fine edges.  60 yard roll

 What 3M says:

Scotch® Performance Masking Tape 233+ is a high performance crepe paper masking tape designed specifically for the automotive repair industry. It is highly conformable and provides outstanding paint lines for critical paint masking jobs.



·     Proprietary adhesive

·     Bright green color

·     Controlled crepe paper backing

·     Backing saturant

·     Special backsize treatment

·     Unique components


·     Instant adhesion, good holding power and adhesive transfer resistance

·     Improved visibility

·     Smoothness, thin, dead stretch, improved conformability

·     Solvent and moisture resistant

·     Controlled unwind

·     Balanced construction


·     Sticks easily/allows fast application, resists lifting/curling, clean removal helps minimize labor required to remove transferred adhesive

·     Assists in improving edge alignment

·     Good surface contact provides secure holding, sharp paint line/quality paint job, resists recovery, and easy handling/allows fast application

·     Minimizes bleed-through and rework

·     Easy to use/helps reduce waste

·     Excellent versatility/efficient tool - helps save time and money

Performance Properties

·     Highly conformable

·     Superior adhesive transfer resistance

·     Provides outstanding paint lines

·     Balanced construction for applications where clean removal and conformability are critical requirements

·     Easy unwind for easy handling

·     Better adhesion in hot and cold conditions

·     Strong backing for better sliver resistance

·     Good over-taping performance

·     Manufactured in an ISO 9002 registered plant to meet worldwide quality standards



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