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Ultra Protectant, 706, gallon, Spread-on

Is there a water based tire dressing that is "Green-conscious" and biodegradable?  Yes!  3D's Ultra Protectant.  This is the spread-on version.  .  If you prefer to spray on your tire dressing then consider 3D's Ultra Protectant (spray-on version).

What 3D says ...

  • Ultra Protectant - Thick
  • Water based dressing
  • Leaves long-lasting high gloss shine
  • Wipe on formula

3D's Ultra Protectant is the best product in the market, as it leaves a long lasting glossy shine on your tires.  It incorporates UV filters that help preserve your tires built in sunblock from getting depleted over time.  By keeping the rubber of your tires protected from Ultraviolet damage, the sidewalls are kept supple, so that they'll look and feel new even after months of usage.  It is the perfect touch to any detail job.  It beads and repels water with it's protective formula.  Use it on any vinyl and rubber surface of your vehicle.

If you want a shiny, sparkling-new looking tire, perhaps you'd consider using Ultra Protectant tire dressing products.  These products are used by detailing shops and conscious car enthusiasts to keep tires looking great every time.  There are solvent-based and water-based water protectants, and it's up to you to choose which one suits your car's tire best, but if you want great results, use water-based Ultra Protectant tire dressing with an applicator.  This tire dressing is really advantageous because it is environmentally friendly, and doesn't pose any risks to your tires.  It also has a nice consistency that allows you to spread the formula onto your tires using an applicator.

Ultra Protectant Thick is a water based dressing intended to be wiped on.  Tire dressings are great ways to highlight the beauty of your esteemed cars.  After having it polished and waxed, removing its odors and stains, you can already proceed to shining your tires.  After all, glossy tires are the heart and soul of great looking cars.  They complete that certain look that auto detailers want to provide the cars of their clients.

Common question:

Q.  "I like spreading my water based dressing.  Which is the best water based dressing that I can apply to my tires using a sponge or brush?"

A.  "You can use 3D Ultra Protectant Thick.  It is similar to 3D Ultra Protectant, except that it is a spread-on formula.


Q.  "Is there a water based tire dressing that is Green-conscious" and biodegradable?   

A.  "Yes.  3D Ultra Protectant.  3D Professional, the number one manufacturer of auto detailing products, has released a well-formulated Ultra Protectant that can change the way you add gloss to your tires.  Its water-based dressing acts as a great solution for leaving long-lasting shine on tires.  For best results, you should clean your tires  with 3D Yellow Degreaser first."

"Since it is a thick formula, you can apply it by applying the dressing into a sponge applicator from a squeeze bottle.  It will dry quickly to leave a smooth, non-tacky, and gloss finish to your tires and prevent them from accumulating dust and dirt.



For best performance on tires, first clean with Yellow Degreaser.  For long lasting "High Shine" on tires, DO NOT DILUTE.  This product dries to a non-tacky, smooth glossy finish preventing dust collection.


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