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Vinyl & Rubber, Vinylex, Cleaner/Conditioner, 1/2 liter spray

Cleaner & Conditioner for Vinyl and Rubber. Vinylex will actually penetrate vinyls, rubber and plastics to return moisture to dried out materials. Moisture is the key to long material life.

Available only in this 16 ounce size

What Lexol has to say ...

Vinylex by Lexol

Vinylex is a patented liquid vinyl protectant specifically designed for use in the care and conservation of vinyl, rubber and plastic.  It cleans and protects with a one-step formula that actually nourishes vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces.  It reduces cracking by penetrating below the surface layer to nourish and revitalize underlying plasticizers.  

Its patented formula penetrates beneath the surface to:

•Lift away dirt and grime

•Fight discoloration

•Prevent drying and cracking

•Filter out harmful ultraviolet rays

•Protect against weather damage

Vinylex is ideal for:

•Vinyl tops

•Plastic seats


•Vinyl interiors and dashes

•Vinyl luggage

•Interior and exterior vinyl furniture

•Marine fiberglass

•Motor vehicle vinyl, rubber and plastic

How it works:

      A patented Alkanolamine cleansing system lifts and cleans away dirt and grime.  It also reduces browning and discoloring on tires.

      A patented low-density silicone composition is designed to keep cracks from forming by combining two silicones of different molecular sizes: larger molecules to protect and beautify surfaces and smaller molecules to penetrate and revitalize underlying plasticizers.

      A DH-60 UV sunscreen that filters out harmful ultraviolet rays, further protecting surfaces from dulling and cracking.


Clean one manageable section of the interior at a time.  For example, with bucket seats, clean the seat back, and then move on to the seat cushion, and so forth.

1.       Prepare surface by removing any caked mud or dirt with water, then dry with cloth.

2.       Apply Vinylex

For small areas: Spray product onto a soft applicator or clean cloth and spread evenly onto surface. (Using a soft applicator can give you greater control of the amount of Vinylex you are applying.)

For large areas: Spray Vinylex directly onto surface and spread evenly, using a soft applicator or clean cloth.

3.       For heavy spots and stains, including debris and tar, rub with cloth or applicator and wait a few moments.

4.       Carefully wipe off remaining product.

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