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4" Yellow Wool Cutting Pad for Cyclo Polishers

4" Wool Finishing Pad for Cyclo Buffer. Actually more like 4.75", an excellent blend of 50% wool and 50% acrylic fibers for aggressive cutting when necessary to remove oxidation and/or scratches. Not the most aggressive because of the mixture of fibers but significantly more so than any foam. Made for the Cyclo Dual Head Polisher, one of the best machines of it's type anywhere.

What Cyclo says ...


  • • Paint Polish/Cleaner
  • • Paint Deox
  • • Paint Compound
  • • Metal/Chrome Polish

An exceptional, all-in-one cleaning and polishing pad. This high density pad has the power to remove lights scratches and polish the surface.

Item #64

OEM: Cyclo

$6.95 USD