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6" Extension, Bench Grinder, 5/8" bore, Right Hand Threads

This shaft extension will allow you to move your work out and away from the motor by 6" or more.  Now you can get to more of your part without the motor and/or pedistal getting in the way.  Just slide the extension onto your 5/8" grinder shaft and set it firm.  Install buffing wheels and go to work.

These tools end in a 1/2" threaded shaft.  If your pads have a larger arbor hole, (e.g. 5/8") then you can make an adapter out of tubing, pipe etc. that has a 1/2" ID and 5/8" OD.  We will try to have these for you shortly but for now please be aware.

Also avaliable in 1/2" bore and in a left hand thread in either size bore.

Item #535

$19.95 USD