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About Us

1115 W. OrangeThorpe Avenue

Fullerton, CA 92833

1/2 mile North of CA-91 at the Euclid exit (2nd exit East of the I-5/CA-91 interchange)



History of the Business:

Dr. Detail has been serving the public and car care professionals since 1988.  In our 32 years of experience, we have built a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for two major reasons ... Results and Convenience!  Eliminate the hassle of driving from shop to shop for different products by visiting our convenient One-Stop car care superstore.  Sucess resulted in an expansion that doubled our floor space to 2400 sq. ft. in 2018.  Our RO water capacity also doubled.  We can make 4000 gallons/day at present.  Our customer's tell us, "It's the cleanest water in town"!

Our Business Mission:

Our goal has always been to serve as your convenient, one-stop auto body & detail supply shop where all your car care needs are met and your questions answered. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and are always happy to go out of our way to help you in your search for the perfect product.
But ...


Dr. Detail’s greater mission ---------------------- CLEAN WATER for the world’s poor

Dr. Detail believes that every child should have clean water to drink, BUT many poor villages around the world don’t have access to clean water.  With clean water children and adults alike will suffer less disease and will enjoy the opportunities that come with it:

Dr. Detail commits a portion of each sale to this end.  ------------------------------------------  Thank you for caring for the world poor, and ...

School attendance  ---  Personal Hygene  ---  Food crops  ---  Income from crop sales and the goods made from byproducts.


God Bless

The Doctor, CD


Dr. Detail:

The "Doc." is a company icon that represents our desire to not only sell you products and grow the business, but to also inform you and solve your problems so that you can make intelligent decisions on product selection and better "Enjoy the Ride." By the way, his first name is "Otto."


You might call me "The Doc." but I am really just the owner.  I worked my way through college partially as a detailer and earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry.          I spent 45 years in Printing Ink research developing new products for new printing equipment and techniques and advanced Radiation (UV) cured Flexographic ink technology during my consulting phase.

Because of my training, I understand the chemistry of the various detailing products, if not the actual formulae which are trade secrets.  I have been selling detailing products since 1988 and have grown the business by fulfilling the needs of my customers.  Almost every year has seen growth.  I promise to answer your questions and guide you to the best shine we, together, can achieve.


I'm Mary. I have been married to Wayne since 1991 and am proud to be involved in the company.  I once owned a 1957 Chevy and belonged to an all-girls car club.  I take care of my own car and can help you care for yours.  My background has primarily been in the Pharmaceutical field for over 30 years, but now I train dogs and help run Dr. Detail.  The bottom line is that I just enjoy helping people.