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Adaptor, Craftsman Adaptor

Adaptor for smaller Craftsman Buffers.  A 1/2"x20 arbor adaptor designed to allow standard 5/8"x11 velcro 5" backing pads or 5/8"x11 velcro 7" backing pads to fit the smaller, consumer-grade Craftsman buffers ...

To determine if this adaptor will fit your buffer, measure the spindle diameter (should be 1/2") and count the threads per inch (should be 20).


·     Model No. 315.10520   2-speed Sander-Polisher

·     Model No. 315.115060 2-speed 6" rotary Sander

·     Model No. 315.115030 2-speed Rotary Sander-Polisher

·     Model No. 315.115032 2-speed Rotary Sander-Polisher

·    Model No. 315.115033 2-speed Rotary Sander-Polisher

·    Model No. 315.246060 2-speed Rotary Sander-Polisher (customer add)



CAUTION: If your buffer uses a screw and not a nut this adaptor will not fit.

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Item #368

$18.95 USD