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All Metal, Wenol Metal Polish (Red), 100 gram tube

Wenol Metal Polish.  Wenol makes two levels of metal polish.  Both are wonderful.  This on ein the red tube is the general purpose variety and will do a quick job on all metals.  For the very best shine follow with the Wenol Ultra Soft in the blue tube.  Any clean cloth can be used with metal polishes BUT the final wipe and polish should be done with microfiber

What Wenol says:

WENOL quickly removes surface rust, oxidation and water spots in just minutes. WENOL is very gentle to metal surfaces and gives a sparkling shine. Special ingredients create a water resistant coating which protects against rust and tarnish for weeks.

Use Instructions: Apply WENOL evenly to surface with a soft cloth. Polish vigorously, then buff to a shine.

For professional results, use Wenol products in this order: Wenol Metal Polish, Auto Wenol (finishing polish).


Item #418

OEM: Wenol

$9.95 USD