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All Metal, Wenol Ultra Soft Polish (Blue), 100 gram tube

Wenol Metal Polish Ultra Soft .  Wenol makes two levels of metal polish.  Both are wonderful.  This one, in the blue tube (yes, it's not black. Now it's blue), is the finesse variety and will leave the most brilliant finish on all metals.  For the quickest shine preceded with Wenol Metal Polish in the red tube.  Then finish with this one.  Any clean cloth can be used with metal polishes BUT the final wipe and polish should be done with microfiber

What Wenol says:

Ultra Soft, Polishes & Protects Aluminum, Chrome & Stainless

AUTO WENOL is an ultra soft metal polish which provides a high gloss and show quality shine to aluminum, chrome and stainless. AUTO WENOL gives excellent protection against moisture and corrosion to preserve the shine.

For professional results, use Wenol products in this order: Wenol Metal Polish, Auto Wenol (finishing polish).

What the label says (in English):

Wenol Metal Polish ultra soft provides a reflective, high-gloss finish to chrome, silver, brass and aluminum.  The special formula creates awater-repellent film to protect against rust and corrosion.  Also suitable for removing stubborn soiling (insects, tar stains, etc.) from vcarnished metals.


1.  Using a soft cloth or cotton wool spread the polish evenly over the surface to be treated.

2.  Then polish to a high gloss with a soft cloth - can also be applied to wet surfaces.

Item #420

OEM: Wenol

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