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All Purpose Cleaner, 104, 24 ounce

Commonly referred to as "APC", all purpose means what it says.  Interior, Exterior, Tires, Engine Bay, etc.  Dilutable from 1:1 for heavy work to 10:1 for light work.  APC in this size is RTU (Ready to use).

What 3D says ...

  • Great on interior stains
  • Powerful enough on wheel, undercarriage
  • Many exterior uses
  • Biodegradable
  • Replaces a whole line of cleaners

All Purpose Cleaner is an interior and exterior automotive surface cleaner.  It is highly effective on vinyl tops, carpets and upholstery.  It is safe on all surfaces, is 100% biodegradable, "Green" conscious and VOC Free.  It is an excellent pre-spotter for car interior.  All Purpose Cleaner produces clean results with no detergent residues, dyes, or smells.  

No cleaning job is too difficult especially when you have All Purpose Cleaner from 3D Products around.  This concentrated cleaner is your best solution to get rid of those stubborn stains, dirt, grit and grease from any surface in your car; whether inside or outside and you can even dilute it to meet your needs.  It can be diluted up to 10 to 1 depending on the job.

All Purpose Cleaner is also an excellent pre-spotter for stains on your vehicles upholstery and carpet.  If you have common stains like; coffee, pen marks, vomit and scuff marks pre-spot that area before using an Extractor Shampoo.  It will easily remove dirt from fabric, too.

Juice or coffee stains on your leather car seats?  You will find that this cleaner is also great for cleaning leather seats and arm rests.  If used correctly you will find that with a soft bristle brush (preferably horse hair), you can loosen-up the stubborn dirt that is stuck on the leather wrinkles.  Once you remove the dirt in this way the interior of your car will look like new.  We recommend to follow-up 3D's Liquid Leather to protect and enhance the finish.

Is your undercarriage grimy?  Use APC to get rid of road tar, tree sap, bird droppings and any other undesirable caked up dirt.

Your car will be looking and smelling great in no time at all thanks to this cleaning product and since it is available in many sizes ranging from 24 ounce spray bottles (great to have around to refill from larger sources) to 55 gallon drums, you can keep your garage well stocked without spending too much.

What surfaces can all purpose cleaner be used on? APC can be used on all kinds of surfaces such as vinyl, upholstery and carpet. This means you can use it to clean your car from the inside out as well as other surfaces around the house. This is a great APC for those who have mobile homes, RV's, Airplanes, and boats. This handy cleaning product guarantees to get the job done no matter how easy or difficult it is and once you see the results, you know that there is no other cleaning agent around that can match it.

This product should definitely be in your kit for cleaning the interior or exterior of your vehicle.



For light duty, dilute 1:10 parts water.

For "pre-spotting" stains, dilute 1:4.

For heavy stains dilute 1:1.

After diluting in 3D OSHA compliant bottle, spray a small amount on vinyl door panels, headliners and carpets.  Use a nylon brush to scrub carpets.  Towel dry with a microfiber.  For Leather Interior, dilute 1:10 parts water and use a 3D Horse Hair Brush to clean with.  Rinse to neutralize and towel dry.

Item #518

OEM: 3D Professional Detailing Products

$9.95 USD