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Cleaner Glaze, Super Finish by Menzerna, SF 3500, 8oz

Super Finish 3500 (once SF 4000 but number changed to align with world wide designation) will remove light scratches (under 2000 grit sanding marks), swirl marks, haze and holograms.  This is Menzerna's premium finishing material.  Follow with a protective coating (we recommend Power Lock) and your done.  Sit back and bask in the praise.

Also available in a 32 oz (quart)

What Menzerna says:

As a manufacturer of polishing materials exclusively for over 120 years, Menzerna is uniquely positioned in the automotive industry with the expertise to provide polishing solutions for a wide range of surface finishing applications

Representing the ultimate culmination of the development of our clear coat repair system,  SuperFinish is the industry standard for polishing scratch-resistant clears.  With its high powder concentration and improved liquid formulation, 2500 grit sanding marks can be removed on fresh scratch-resistant and conventional clears.  Defects are removed faster, with less dusting and minimal polish residue.

SuperFinish is our advanced solution for OEM assembly plant applications, body shops and detailing/reconditioning specialists.  It can be used with either a rotary or random orbital polishing machine.

If you are looking for a perfect, hologram and swirl-free finish on the darkest paint colors without any hiding or filling of defects, SuperFinish is your first choice for permanent defect repair.

Item #660

OEM: Menzerna

$19.95 USD