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Cleaner Glaze, Swirl-Free Polish by Meguiars, M8232, 32oz

Cleaner/Glaze.  Part of the Body Shop line designed for fresh paints.  A machine-applied Cleaner Glaze/Polish intended to remove compounding, pad and swirl marks.  Matched to Meguiars Compounds and suffieicient to take out the finer marks that they leave behind compared to mor etraditional compounds.  A final step on fresh paints which must be allowed to dry out for 45 to 60 days before waxing.  An aggresstion level of 3 (of 10).  Use with a medium grade foam pad.

The gallon size has been discontinued

What Meguiars says:

Swirl Free Polish is a high performance polish that eliminates swirl marks fast.  Specially blended polish with cleaning power removes fine scratches.  Smooth, fast application and easy wipe-off.  Restores a glistening "new paint" shine.

Item #213

OEM: Meguiars

$29.95 USD