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Cleaner Glaze, Ultra Finishing Polish by Meguiars, M20501, gallon

Cleaner/Glaze.  Part of the Body Shop line designed for fresh paints.  A machine-applied Cleaner Glaze/Polish intended to remove compounding, wool pad and swirl marks.  Matched to Meguiars Ultra-Cut Compound M105 and sufficient to take out the fine marks that it leaves behind.  Use a medium grade foam pad with this material.  It's best to avoid wool pads which will continue to leave pad marks even while glazing.  You may not see them because a glaze will hide them but they are still there and when the glaze goes away, all the marks pop back up! 

This is a final step on fresh paints which must be allowed to dry out for 45 to 60 days before waxing.  Check with your paint supplier for the actual recommended waiting time.  An aggresstion level of 4 (of 10)

What Meguiars says:

  • Permanently removes swirls and light defects from all paints.
  • Produces deep reflections and high gloss
  • Smooth-glide buffing feel and fast wipe-off
  • Environmentally responsible, Safe, VOC compliant formula

Item #515

OEM: Meguiars

$96.95 USD