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Compound, Level 10, Super Duty by 3M, 5955, Gallon

Most aggressive 3M compound. Super Duty has been the work horse compound from antiquity. Capable of removing 1000 grit sanding marks. Use with a wool pad and follow with Finesse-It II 05928 on a foam pad.

The Doctor recommends using this product when there is no gloss left to your finish.

Available in this quart size as well as a gallon as 05954

What 3M says about 05955 ...



  • Aggressive compound
  • Maintains high rate of cut with constant pressure
  • Remains wet on the job with little or no mess
  • Buffs to high gloss with minimum or swirl marks
  • Excellent for hand or machine use
  • VOC content less than 17%


Item #194


$79.95 USD