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Compound, Level 9, Fast Gloss Compound by Menzerna, FG 400, 8oz

Fast Gloss is the heavy compound that most of my Master Detailer class customers demand to show off their skills.  It is one of, if not the, premium quality compounds out of Germany that's just "different".  FG 400 is their heaviest compound targeting 1200 grit sanding marks putting it at a level 9 on my aggresion chart. 
Menzerna publishes a performance chart comparing all of their products and this one is capable of work from heavy scratch removal to light haze and swirl marks.  To the Dr. this indicates that the abbrasives break down to finer and finer sizes as the materials works the surface, basically polishing out it's own marks to an "absolute high gloss".
Also available on a 32 oz (quart) size.
What Menzerna says:

As a manufacturer of polishing materials exclusively for over 120 years, Menzerna is uniquely positioned in the automotive industry with the expertise to provide polishing solutions for a wide range of surface finishing applications

Fast Gloss high-performance compound is the industry leading solution for PBE, Detail Reconditioning and industrial polishing applications. With the ability to eliminate a 1200 grit sanding mark and leave a high-gloss finish in one step, Fast Gloss compound has set a new standard for efficiency, performance and labor savings.

Body shops can now use one product to quickly eliminate sanding marks using rotary or DA machines with wool or foam compounding pads. Dusting has been significantly reduced making clean up virtually unnecessary. If necessary on dark colors for critical polishing jobs a final polish such as Final Finish 3000 or Super Finish 4000 can be used, totally eliminating any hint of buffing marks, haze or holograms. For the Marine market Fast Gloss will eliminate oxidation on chalky gel coat leaving the finish ready for a protective coating of wax.

Fast Gloss 400 is the new flagship product in the MenzernaUSA line and the future of polishing compound technology that you can use today.

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OEM: Menzerna

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