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Deep Blue Polish, gallon

All purpose polish which works quickly on Aluminum but is great on hard metals as well.  The detailer would benefit by a following step with a "finese" polish like Flitz or Simichrome for the highest brilliance. 

This product is also available in a 16oz size

What 3D Products has to say:

Metal polish and tire care products from 3D Products eliminate the need for hard scrubbing, tired arms and electric buffers. Our professional-grade metal polishes make car care and polishing rims easy and painless.

3D Products metal polishes work on brass, silver, chrome, copper and more, without using any harsh chemicals likes ammonia. All products are made with high quality materials and are designed to be environmentally friendly and safe.


SHAKE WELL BEFORE EVERY USE. Use a small amount on a cloth or spray directly onto surface and apply using a circular motion. Buff off with a soft dry polishing cloth or microfiber towel. This product will not work on painted or coated surfaces. To remove oxidation, rub out with a terry cloth towel as it will pick up more dirt. Use the same blackened towel for the remainder of the job. For heavy-duty jobs, we recommend using a rotary polisher.

Item #574

OEM: 3D Products

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