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Fiberglass, Hard Water Spot Remover & Sealant, Boat Bling, Hot Sauce HS-0032

Hot Sauce is an excellent hard water spot remover which also leaves a Sealant covering that makes the next wipe down even easier.  Spray on fresh after pulling your boat out and restore the beautiful shine that you arrived with. 

This product leaves a Sealant behind to greater protect the gelcoat and avoid etching due to acidic/basic water or the lensing effect of the water droplet that concentrates sunlight into a hot beam that can etch the surface. 

CAUTION:  Don't confuse hard water minerals with surface etching.  Hot Sauce WILL remove the minerals but if the spot remains you have surface etching that can only be removed by smoothing the surface with a compound and rewaxing.  There's only so much any water spot remover can do and none of them can replaced etched away gelcoat.

Stocked at Dr. Detail due to customer demand.  The Boat Bling line is well designed and well received by Boates and RV'ers (word?)

What Boat Bling says ...


"Sure, you can say you have tried it all, but once you try HOT Sauce, your old products will just begin to collect dust on your shelves. Hot Sauce out performs 2 and 3 step products with a simple spray and wipe."


  • Bio-degradable, safe, soft water based detailer with specialty wax sealants
  • Removes hard water spots, mineral deposits and exhaust residue
  • Will NOT strip your current wax, adds additional wax sealants with each use
  • Designed for Fiberglass, Plastic, Chrome, Glass and all painted surfaces
  • Spray on, wipe off Application
  • Approved and Recommended by the Top Manufacturers in the Industry
  • Use after each day on the water, follow up with Boat Bling Quickie Sauce every 3 months
  • Available in Quart (32oz), Gallon (128oz) Bottles and 5 Gallon (640oz)

Item #721

OEM: Boat Bling

$24.95 USD