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Final Touch (detailer), 403, gallon

Final Touch is 3D's premier Detail Spray.  It may be the best "bang for your buck" out there and it leaves a beautiful gloss when your done.  Excellent for use as a Clay Lubricant as well.  Dr. Detail makes a 1:1 mix of Final Touch and RO purified water for use as a clay lubricant as a convenience for Mobile Detailers who don't have the time to mix and want a product that will not dry as fast resulting in less spraying and of a less expensive product.

Final Touch also comes in a 24 ounce spray bottle

What 3D says:

Final Touch Puts the final shine on paint, glass, and chrome.  

  •  Instant deep gloss.
  •           Maintains and protects the previous wax.  

3D Final Touch is a simple to use versatile quick detailer that works beautifully on all of your vehicle surfaces.  Restores a showroom shine in no time!  Quickly removes light dust and other topical defects from your paint, glass and trim.  Great for door jambs, windows and quick interior dusting. 

Loaded with gentle gloss enhancing polymer lubricants that will not degrade the wax layer already on your vehicle and with continuous use will build up a stronger film build of protection and slickness.

Make 3D Final Touch your go to product for all you general quick detailing chores.


Final Touch as a ...

Quick Detailer: Spray sparingly onto the paint, glass or chrome and spread using a clean soft cloth or
microfiber towel.  Flip cloth or microfiber over to buff until desired shine and clarity is achieved.

Clay lubeSpray product onto both clay and surface to create proper lubrication.  Reapply as needed
then wipe surface dry.

Pro Detailer Tip: Before storing your clay, spray 3D Final Touch to both your clay and the storage
container. This will allow easy removal of clay for the next use.

Item #696

OEM: 3D Professional Detailing Products

$21.95 USD