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Glass Polish Felt Tool, Pad, 6"

This is the quickest way to polish glass because a polisher will put more energy into the process than a drill.  This 6" and the 3" felt pads attach to your velcro backing pad of appropriate size letting you cover a bigger area at once.

Use with Glass Polish Compound by spreading a little on face of the pad and spreading it out on the glass before starting the polisher.  This will avoid slinging.  Keep a water spray bottle at hand to keep the past from drying out and flying away.  Polish until the mark is removed.  It is a little slow compared to paint polishing but will get the job done right.

TIP:  If the mark is linear get yourself a dark colored Crayon and slip inside the vehicle to trace the imperfection on the inside of the glass.  This will mark it's location as you polish it away so you can locate it.

CAUTION:  Avoid excess heat.  If the glass gets hot to the touch it may shatter if it comes in contact with water.  You'll be using water during the process so monitor your heat by feeling the surface frequently. 

Secondly; don't try to remove a deep scratch (one that catches your fingernail) or you may leave a distortion which is just as annoying, and/or weaken the glass and make it unsafe.

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