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Grand Blast (degreaser), 100, gallon

Grand Blast is just a "Down and Dirty" degreaser.  It's ancester is "Grand Slam" but an improvement.  It is 3D's HEAVY Degreaser.  If you just have to get the job done in a Petroleum-based greasy/Oily area, then this is your choice.  Grand Blast works great on concrete as well.

See Orange Degreaser for interior spot cleaning and Yellow Degreaser for wheels and wheel wells to help with the built up brake dust.

What 3D says:


The chemistry behind Grand Blast is quite unique.  Powerful surfactants allow Grand Blast™ to quickly loosen, emulsify and release grease and grime so it can be easily rinsed away.  Even heavy grease is no match for Grand Blast.  Just spray, allow it to dwell 30-60 seconds, agitate as needed then rinse.  Use of a pressurized washer for optimal results.

Grand Blast does not contain any harmful chemicals such as Glycol Ether EB, yet it is more powerful than most commercial degreasers that contain this toxic chemical.


  • ·         Engine degreaser
  • ·         Rinses fast
  • ·         Degreases tools and all vehicles
  • ·         Emulsifies grease & grime



Wear gloves & goggles.  Dilute up to about 15 to 1 but if you'd like it strong enough to clean up your engine dilute 4 to 1 (that’s 4 parts water to 1 part Grand Slam).  

Spray liberally on all parts to be cleaned but don't let it sit longer than two minutes.  You should agitate with a brush but try not to yank around too much on stuff inside you don't want to loosen up any wires.  

Take a “blaster” (like a pump sprayer or Tornador) to rinse and watch as the chemical takes away a lot of the dirt, the grease, and the grime instead having to use a pressure washer.

Finish with 3D Waterless and give it a quick rinse down to dress and bring a little bit of shine to all the plastic and rubber parts but for those of you that like an enhanced shine try 3D Ultra protectant


Grand Blast™ is 3D’s most powerful degreaser designed to quickly clean even the greasiest engine compartment.  But engines aren’t the only thing that can benefit from this amazing cleaner because it excels at cutting through and quickly breaking down oil based soiling pretty much anywhere on the exterior of a vehicle.


  • ·         Rocker Panel
  • ·         Door Jambs
  • ·         Wheel Wells
  • ·         Undercarriages
  • ·         Suspension Components.


Grand Blast can quickly cut through heavy tire dressing buildup. Just spray directly on, scrub and rinse to uncover a clean looking tire.

Vehicles surfaces can be covered in oily environmental contaminants that can attack the finish and prematurely destroy them.  When used as directed, it is safe for use on virtually all painted surfaces too.  


  • ·         Cars & Trucks
  • ·         Aircraft
  • ·         RVs
  • ·         Motorcycles
  • ·         Semi Trucks
  • ·         Tractor Trailers
  • ·         Mobile Homes



Home applications include BBQs and Stovetop Grills

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