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Hand Glaze, Imperial Hand Glaze by 3M, 5990, 32oz

A great hand glaze.  This is the most popular hand glaze of any we carry.  Spread it in thin layers.  Lasts about 3 washes (3 weeks), like any glaze.  Remember glazes  are paint conditioners and work best before a wax but look best on top.  So, you can always condition, wax and then reglaze on top to get be best of all worlds ... a conditoned, revitalized paint AND the highest gloss possible.  Reglaze any time you want to show off.  Follow with a Protectant when paint is well cured, usually 45 to 60 days but check with your paint supplier for the best waiting period.  Wipe excess off with a clean microfiber cloth

What 3M says about 05990

  • Non-Silicone, Non-Wax hand glaze
  • Excellent depth of shine
  • Outstanding luster
  • Use by hand to refine and fill swirls after machine glazing refinish or factory applies paints.
  • Specially formulated to work on all colors and can be painted over
  • VOC content less than 15%

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$34.95 USD