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Hand Glaze, Show Car Glaze by Meguiars, M0716, 16oz

Most popular choice for a hand glaze.  This product is a pure glaze that restores a deep, wet shine.  A little moisture in the applicator helps you spread one or several thin layers.  Apply by HAND or orbital machine with a microfiber bonnet.  Follow with a protectant like M26, Hi Tech Yellow Wax or M21, Synthetic Sealant polymer protectant (my favorite!).  For a faster drying material in humid conditions select M05, New Car Glaze.

The Doctor recommends that you always glaze before you wax for a healthy paint and the best finish.

NOTE:  The half gallon was discontinued in 2015

What Meguiars says:


Show Car Glaze outshines all other hand applied polishes, glazes, waxes and sealants.  Restores a dazzling, deep, wet shine.  Show Car Glaze does not dry white and is safe and effective on all paint finishes.



Item #203

OEM: Meguiars

$14.95 USD