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Leather Cleaner/Conditioner, D180, Gallon

Leather Conditioner & Cleaner.  This product is designed to restore the leather's original suppleness and youth.  Suitable for vinyls as well.  Use as is with no dilution.  For light leather cleaning between applications of D180, consider D101, All Purpose Cleaner

You should clean & Condition your leather regularily.  You can bring back any leather that is not cracked but ... why wait?  Summers demand more frequent treatments than winters do.  The extreme exposure of an open car will demand more than a coupe or sedan.  In any case, when the leather doesn't feel supply like YOUR skin, get out the Meguiars D180.

Available only in gallons

What Meguiars has to say ...

Meguiar's® Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is expressly formulated to enhance the appearance of interior leather and vinyl surfaces.  Specialized cleaning and conditioning agents are designed to safely clean and restore leather's original look and suppleness.

Item #115

OEM: Meguiars

$39.95 USD