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Orange Degreaser, 109, gallon

Nothing cuts grease like Citrus oils.  A primary ingredient in these oils is Eugenol which is heavily used to keep printing inks from drying in the can.  So...do you think it'll cut the grease on your engine?  Grease doesn't stand a chance - AND it leaves a pleasant odor when used inside!

Orange Degreaser also comes in 24oz

What 3D says:

  • Interior & Exterior Use
  • Organic Solvent Cleaner
  • Citrus Oil
  • Removes grease, tar, tree sap, bumper stickers


Orange 88 Citrus Degreaser™ is a great interior, and exterior, organic solvent cleaner.  This safe, environmentally friendly product contains citrus oil to help remove the toughest stains, bumper stickers, grease, tar, gum, tree saps, and foul odors.  It has powerful cleaning, rinsing, and degreasing abilities.  Excellent cleaner for automotive and home use.

This citrus based degreasers remove grease and grime by emulsifying the dirt.  You can use it to clean whitewalls and trim as it will eliminate surface oil and will dry without leaving a film residue.

If you are searching for a degreaser that you can use on the interior of your car, then consider 3D’s Orange Degreaser.  It has a pleasant citrus scent that does not smell like chemicals.


For boat and RV owners this is the perfect degreaser.  You can use Orange Degreaser to clean stovetops in the RV kitchen or your boat's galley.  You can use it on kitchen counters, shower doors, windows, and other surfaces.  It is safe and biodegradable.  It can also be used to clean vinyl surfaces.  This is an all around multi-use degreaser that you can use on several surfaces, just test, and go.  Why spend a fortune on multiple products if space is limited, when you can use just one degreaser on multiple surfaces.


For stubborn stains allow the solution to penetrate a few seconds longer to emulsify and break apart the dirt.



For light duty, dilute 1:10 parts water and for “Pre-Spotting” stains, dilute 1:4.  Using an OSHA Compliant Bottle, spray directly on to the surface and scrub with a bristle brush.  For leather interiors, dilute 1:10 parts water and use a horse hair brush.  Rinse well and wipe off as needed.

Item #511

OEM: 3D Professional Detailing Products

$19.95 USD