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Plastic, Trim, Black Plastic Restorer by Meguiars, G158

Exterior Trim Care.  Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer replaces the discontinued Gold Class Trim Detailer.  Meguiars has made this product part of the Ultimate line, an improved product line compared to Gold Class.  So if you liked Trim Detailer, you should love this stuff PLUS you get 2 ounces more!

The rubber and plastic trim areas of your car give contrast to the paint color and enhance the overall appearance.  Replace the moisture that is constantly drying out of your exterior trim leaving it dull and gray looking.  Remoisturize and bring the jet black look back. 

This product solves, not only the day to day concerns for exterior rubber and vinyl trim, but those annoying and ugly wax and polish marks left on your trim after a wax application. You'll be amazed.

Item #384

OEM: Meguiars

$10.95 USD