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Polisher, Cyclo Dual Head Polisher 5, Mark II

Dual Head Orbital Polisher. "The Shining Legend".  The same great Cyclo Model 5 but slightly redesigned to replace the toggle on/off switch with a rocker switch to minimize the potential to accidentally flick it off during operation.  Available in the standard single-speed and the new variable speed 5-Pro (can turn it down only).  

The 5-Pro can be adjusted to working speeds between 650 - 3000 orbits/minute (you can't measure an orbital machine in rpms).  This polisher may, quite likely, be the very best tool of it's kind on the market.  It's twin 4" heads orbit in opposite directions where they come the closest together to virtually eliminate any possiblity of swirl marks.  It will also accept the same variety of brushes for fabric care as the Cyclo Model 5.

The Cyclo can be ordered as the Model 5 or the Model 5-Pro Polisher, pre-configured with one of Cyclo's backing plate or scrub brush alternatives detailed below.  

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  • Power Supply: 115 Volts, 60 Hertz, 220 Watts
    • Motor: alternating current, semi-enclosed 24-bar commutator, Output: 1/3 H.P. (.25 Kw)
    • Variable Speed Model 5-Pro, Mark II Range: 650 - 3000 orbits/minute OR
    • Sungle-Speed: Model 5, Mark II at 3000 orbits / minute
    • Weight: 6.5 lb. (2.9 kg)
    • Head Rotation/Diameter: clockwise/4"
    • Electric Cord: 10' length, 16 ga/3SJTOW
    • Housing: heavy-duty cast aluminum
    • Three Year Warranty
    • Complete VES System
    • Optional 25' cord

    The Cyclo Polisher heads orbit to produce a world-class shine without burning paint or leaving behind any swirl marks.  The Cyclo Toolmakers Model 5 Polisher is our 110 volt machine designated for use in North America and countries that supply 110 V a.c. power.

    What Cyclo says ...

    Cyclo Model 5-Pro Polisher

    The Cyclo Toolmakers Model 5-Pro Polisher is our 110 volt machine featuring a new solid state variable speed controller, three year warranty and complete Vibration Elimination System&trade set-up. The Model 5-Pro Series Polisher is designated for use in North America and countries that supply 110 V a.c. power.  PLUS .... !  (DD  There is no 220V model available as of July, 2011)

    The Cyclo Model 5-Pro Polisher's new three year warranty.

     Configurations Alternatives:


    Item #688

    OEM: Cyclo

    $349.95 USD