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Polisher, Cyclo Dual Head Polisher 5, Mark II

Dual Head Orbital Polisher. "The Shining Legend".  The same great Cyclo Model 5 but slightly redesigned to replace the toggle on/off switch with a rocker switch to minimize the potential to accidentally flick it off during operation.  Available in the standard single-speed.  The Pro, variable speed version has been discontinued.  

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  • Power Supply: 115 Volts, 60 Hertz, 220 Watts
    • Motor: alternating current, semi-enclosed 24-bar commutator, Output: 1/3 H.P. (.25 Kw)
    • Sungle-Speed: Model 5, Mark II at 3000 orbits / minute
    • Weight: 6.5 lb. (2.9 kg)
    • Head Rotation/Diameter: clockwise/4"
    • Electric Cord: 10' length, 16 ga/3SJTOW
    • Housing: heavy-duty cast aluminum
    • Three Year Warranty
    • Complete VES System
    • Optional 25' cord

    The Cyclo Polisher heads orbit to produce a world-class shine without burning paint or leaving behind any swirl marks.  The Cyclo Toolmakers Model 5 Polisher is our 110 volt machine designated for use in North America and countries that supply 110 V a.c. power.

    What Cyclo says ...

    Cyclo Model 5Mark II Polisher

    The Cyclo Toolmakers Model 5 Mark II Polisher is our 110 volt machine featuring a new solid state variable speed controller, three year warranty and complete Vibration Elimination System&trade set-up. The Model 5 Mark II Series Polisher is designated for use in North America and countries that supply 110 V a.c. power.  PLUS .... !  (DD  There is no 220V model available as of July, 2011)


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    Item #688

    OEM: Cyclo

    $359.95 USD