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The first thing you should know about the Rupes line-up is that the BigFoot is a system, NOT just a machine.  The system incorporates the polisher, pads and specific chemistry.  Rupes primarily makes paint-correction equipment so you have choices of compounds, cleaners, polishes and finishes.  Each material has a color-keyed cap and is matched to a specific, same color pad.  Using matched chemistry & pads produces the smoothest operation and best results.  NOTE: 3M also color matches materials and pads.  It's a tried and true method.

Can you use other pads and chemistry on the Rupes, you ask?  Yes, of course, but for the ultimate finish try the SYSTEM!

What Rupes, USA has to say ... ;

The Rupes system is the perfect solution for the beginner or the professional looking for a flawless finish. The design features of the system make it unique in the world of polishing. Outstanding balance and the absence of vibrations offers complete control and maximum manageability of the tool during the polishing operation. Also difficult areas such as edges, corners and contours are easily managed by the operator by means of a coherent and harmonious movement, while insuring optimal operator comfort during use.

It has been one of the top priorities of the RUPES technical team, from the project's initial feasibility studies, to develope a unique design and ergonomics-oriented approach, This has resulted in a very stable tool that is lightweight and maneuverable, while offering all the power necessary to match universal quality standards. With BigFoot, polishing becomes easy, comfortable and produces excellent results.


Obtaining a perfectly polished surface, in the least amount of time possible was one of the main challenges of the BigFoot project. Conventional polishing methods generally require an experienced technician and the time it takes to sand, compound and polish. BigFoot simplifies the polishing process, substantially reducing time and producing an excellent result in one step. Thanks to the innovative orbital motion of the BigFoot holograms and associated post-polishing steps typically associated with conventional polishing methods are eliminated.


News release July 24, 2016

BigFoot Production Officially Started in the USA

Longmont, Colorado – July 24th, 2016 - Continuing their commitment to growth in the US market, RUPES announced today the beginning of production for a number of their popular BigFoot electric polishers at their North American facility. This event marks the first time that the primary manufacturing of the class-leading BigFoot tools will occur outside of Italy. 

“It’s truly an honor.” says Chip Case, General Manager for RUPES USA. “The investment and the faith in our team here in the US to build these tools shows just how committed to supporting the US market RUPES is.”

Manufacturing tolerances and standards set in Italy are maintained in the Colorado facility, including strict quality control. LHR21ES and LHR15ES tools from the US factory have already begun to make their way into the market with the Mark II versions and other BigFoot models to follow by the end of Q4 2016.

After bursting onto the scene about 5 years ago, the RUPES BigFoot family of tools have become the preferred option for professionals and enthusiasts. With manufacturing of the tools now a reality in the US, the company will be able to provide even higher levels of service and produce tools to meet the ever increasing demand. 

RUPES SpA is a one of the leading manufacturers of specialty electric and pneumatic tools as well as vacuum dust extraction systems for a variety of industries including detailing, body shop, industrial, woodworking, and marine. 

Dr. Detail is now a fully certified Distributor for Rupes USA.


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