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Polishing Cloths, Korean Microfiber, Standard, dozen

Microfiber Polishing Cloths - Standard. 

All of our Microfiber are made of quality, lint-free fabrics.  Go ahead, hold one up to the light and look across the surface.  You'll see virtually no "fuzz" sticking up so there is none to come off on your paint or furnature.  This kind of quality will also stand up to hundreds of washings.  These are the industry 16"x16" in size.  Don't be fooled into buying a 12"x12" cloth for a similar price. 

Please, remember that these are "polishing" cloths so, although they will absorb water, they are not offered as drying towels.  See our microfiber drying towels, listed on this page, for that use.  The right towel for the use makes a big difference in the results.

Sold by the dozen in either Red, White, Blue (Patriotic isn't it?) or Green.

Item #102

$12.95 USD