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Ragg Topp Vinyl Top Protectant

Ragg Topp's Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant

Easy instructions:  Spray on and wipe dry.  Reapply every 3-5 weeks for max UV protection.

You may wish to consult the Haartz website. They have World-class convertible top manufacturing capabilities and heartily endorse Ragg Topp products.  You will also find a convenient guide to help you figure out what type of OEM top you have.

Ragg Topp also produces kits for Vinyl or Fabric tops, plus replacement products available individually.  See also the Cleaner, and the Fabric protectant.


What Ragg Topp has to say:

Strongest Professional Strength Vinyl Protectant on the Market Today. Exclusively Formulated for Exterior/Interior Commercial Vinyl Products. Contains NO Silicone Oils or Petroleum Distillates. Patented Formula Repels Dust, Grease, Dirt and the Growth of Mildew. Contains Ultraviolet (UV) Absorber/Blockers from CIBA. Can Be Used On All Vinyl Products Without Streaking. Easy Application-Spray On, Wipe Dry. VOC Compliant.

RAGGTOPP Convertible Care products are exclusively tested and endorsed by The Haartz Corporation, original equipment manufacturer of convertible topping for virtually every American and European convertible automobile manufactured throughout the world.  www.haartz.com


The Haartz Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of
engineered coated fabric and vinyl for the marine and tonneau cover industry.


RAGGTOPP Convertible Care Products are exclusively designed for the auto-care professional and convertible top enthusiast who demands the very best manufacturer approved convertible top cleaner and protectant. RAGGTOPP Convertible Care products do not contain silicone and will not harm paint, chrome, glass or plastic windows.

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OEM: Ragg Topp

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