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Sandpaper, Carborundum P220 grit, PSA Rolls

White Lightning, 220 grit, adhesive backed paper rolls by Carborundum (a name synonimus with "abbrasive"). Perfect for use on long sanding boards over 16" to avoid gaps between strips. Cut to length to avoid even an inch of waste! 

25 self-wound yards in length.

What Carborundum has to say ...

Stick-On Rolls

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Sheet Rolls can be easily cut to any length to stick onto a hand sanding block, file board or file shoe.  Excellent for dry sanding old paint, primer, primer surfacer and for shaping and finishing plastic filler and feather-edging repaired areas.

 Features / Benefits

 P-graded premium aluminum oxide abrasive

• Fast cut and long life

• Consistent finish

• Water-based “anti-load” stearate

• Excellent load resistance

• Durable B-weight backing

• High tear resistance

• Flexible and conformable

Item #670

OEM: Carborundum

$29.95 USD