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Sandpaper, Unigrit Sandpaper Sheets, 3000 grit

3000 grit. Meguiars' Unigrit papers use a very narrow range on particle sizes for an even smooth pattern of sanding marks that remove easily. They are waterproof and will withstand soaking for days without falling apart. (Half sheet sizes 5.5" x 9")

What Meguiar's has to say ...

Unigrit® Finishing Papers have uniform grit particles to leave a smooth, even sanding pattern that buffs out in seconds. Eliminates the risk of deep sanding scratches that require compounds to remove. Economical to use – works faster and lasts longer. Won’t load up as quickly as conventional sanding products. Safe for use on all paint finishes and clear coats. Waterproof.

Item #320

OEM: Meguiars

$29.95 USD