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Sealant, Power Lock by Menzerna, PL88, 32oz

Power Lock is a Synthetic Sealant and maybe the only one I would put up against the Meguiar's M21.  This is not a wax but rather a synthetic protectant from the Menzerna laboratory.  When you go to the lab to improve on wax, a natural organic product, you don't stop working until you have something better.  Polymers, another name for "plastics", have been around for a long time.  Many have been used in various automotive detailing products in the past but nothing has looked as good as this stuff. 

When you apply this polymer to your car's paint you will first notice that it stays open longer than the waxes that you're used to.  This gives you time to spread it more thoroughly, thinner and over a larger area.  After all, everything you have to wipe off after you wax is waste.  The typical polymer reduces waste significantly and stretches the area you can cover by as much as 25%.  You must allow it time to cure.  Give it 15 to 20 minutes. 

While keeping the paint relatively cool, apply Power Lock to the entire car (truck, bike, whatever), go get a beer, then test the area by drawing a finger through the waxed area.  If it wipes clean then you can wipe down the entire car.

A second coat may be applied for addition protection but allow a 3 hour dwell time for the first layer to set up or you'll compromise the initial layer's thickness.

 Available also in 16 oz (quarts)

What Menzerna says:

The most advanced paint protection product available. MenzernaUSA realized the need for a paint sealant that would perform up to the level of our line of automotive polishes, and Power Lock Polymer Sealant has become the industry standard for the reconditioning-detail market.

We have formulated Power Lock with the maximum concentration of advanced polymers to provide exceptional durability, paint protection and the slickest feel in an easy to apply liquid. Not recommended for use in fresh paint areas.

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OEM: Menzerna

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