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Sealant, Spray, Synthetic Xpress Spray Wax by Meguiars, D156, gallon

OK.  You've just washed your car and it looks great BUT couldn't you do a little more?  How about waxing it?  Takes too long?  Not now!  Before you even dry it off you can lay down a booster layer of synthetics (we love to call them "Sealants") which will add to your previously applied wax layer for a longer lasting shine.  And what better to use than a sealant which way outlasts any wax?

 If you like the NXT Tech Wax G12718 and/or the Mirror Glaze M21 shine and longevity, you can boost it every time you wash - or in between washes.  It applies wet or dry; rain ro shine; hot or cold; paint, glass, trim or metal.  This spray wax does it all!

 Now, for a truely long lasting protection you'll still need the sealant of your choice but this item will extend it's life if used regularily.

 Finally, frequent applications of a full protective coating can build up over time.  Thinner frequent layers avoid that problem.

  What Meguiars says:

Meguiar's® Synthetic X-Press™ Spray Wax uses a unique blend of Hydrophobic Polymer Technology™ to produce durable deep rich gloss with easy application and instant wipe off. VOC FREE Formula.

Create deep dark wet-look shine

Can be applied in direct sunlight

Dries clear on plastic trim

Fast wet or dry car application





Shake Well.  For best results apply to clean surface.  Mist product onto one section at a time.  Quickly spread product with a clean Detailing Cloth and immediately wipe with a second dry Detailing Cloth.  Do not allow to dry on the surface.  May be applied to a wet vehicle after rinsing.  Mist on wet car and proceed with drying towel/chamois.





Apply to paint, glass and chrome for durable hydrophobic protection.  Also great on painted wheels.



Item #655

OEM: Meguiars

$35.95 USD