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Select the Right Product for Your Needs

The first step towards a professional finish is selecting the right product. Dr. Detail offers only quality professional products which anyone can use. What's the difference between a professional product and those (consumer-grade) you find on the shelf at your local discount parts house? Simple! The products on the shelf are designed to appeal to the mass market, most of who have no idea what they are doing. They are formulated to keep some typical accountant from getting into trouble by using an improperly selected item. They are also formulated to be in a similar price bracket as all the other brands placed next them. As much quality is retained as possible but let's be honest they can't compare to professional products.

Professional products are formulated for the individual, who makes a living making paint shine. Quality is the primary concern and price falls where it must. It's quite simple really; you get what you pay for. The end result is that the pro can rely on the product to not let him down and he can just concentrate on his own skill.


Can an average person use a professional product? Sure! Just pay attention to sound selection principles!

Here at Dr. Detail we primarily offer select Meguiars, 3M and 3D products for your selection.

Meguiar's product lines: 

  1. Professional grade - Mirror Glaze is a no-nonsense quality product line and is our primary offering.
  2. Detailer grade - The Detailer line concentrates on dilutability and economy best suited to the Mobile Detailer.
  3. Body Shop grade - A subsection of Mirror Glaze designed for fresh paints.
  4. Boat and RV products for fiberglass polyester gel coats.  It's always best to match the product to the surface and problem you're trying to improve.
  5. Consumer grade - Meguiar's offers 5 levels of Consumer-Quality products. The familiar red bottles made for John Q. Car Cleaner, most of which are readily available at the local corner auto parts store, are not offered here. Select, top tier consumer products like the NXT and Ultimate lines may grace our shelves if they offer a niche not covered by Professional products
  6. Furniture line - An obscure line of furniture products (where Meguiar's began life in 1901) is still around. This line may be still found in some up-scale hardware store.

Our line of 3M products include:

  1. Perfect-It lines for cutting and smoothing paint
  2. Finesse-It lines of Glazes designed for fresh paint

Other brands featured by Dr. Detail include:

  • Lexol for Leather,
  • Simichrome, Flitz and Wenol for metal polishing
  • Harly wax - because it's just a good Carnauba-based past wax
  • 3D Professional Detailing Products - It's a quality line of products for the Mobile Detailer and it has a "Green" environmental concious
  • Polishers by DeWalt, Cyclo, Flex, Porter-Cable, etc.
  • Equipment like Mytee extractors, Honda generaters, pressure washers and the tools to support them.
  • More. Check back with us often as our product line continues to grow.