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Step 3: Top Coating, EXO 50 ml

EXO is the top coat for Crystal Serum Light, C1, etc.  EXO has an extreme hydrophobic water beading property, extreme gloss and "slickness".  This item may top CSL or it may also stand alone as a great coating without the "Ceramic" properties of hardness, etc. 

This is "v4" or "Version 4" or "Revision 4".  Hey folks - they just keep making it better.  After all, industrial coatings have been around for eons but automotive versions are brand NEW!  It takes a couple tries.

EXO is also available in 30 ml size ...

What Gtechniq has to say ...


  • Up to 2 years on a daily driven car
  • Same great gloss, water and dirt repellency
  • Significantly easier to apply

Why use Gtechniq EXOv4?

EXOv4 delivers a hard film that makes water-spots easy to remove, offers great resistance to all wash chemicals and can help withstand micro-marring. It produces a high-gloss, warm-looking, extreme hydrophobic finish.

EXO delivers a consistent film that is more durable and resistant to road salt and wash chemicals than its predecessors. Application is easy, with a slow flash-off time, giving more time to achieve a perfect finish.

All of the above combined with the introduction of a good degree of swirl resistance means EXOv4 represents a major leap forward in Last Surface Protection (LSP) technology.

 Box contains 

  • 1 x 30ml or 50ml EXOv4
  • 1 x pair of nitrile gloves
  • 1 x AP2 Ultra Soft Foam Filled Applicator
  • 1 x Master Instruction Leaflet
  • 1 x WS1 Gtechniq Window Sticker


Item #748

OEM: GTechniq

$94.95 USD